Founded in 1988, the firm concentrates in commercial litigation and business transactional matters. The firm has represented clients in matters ranging from small commercial disputes to multi-million dollar complex commercial litigation matters in Florida courts and courts throughout the United States where Mr. Pringle has been admitted to practice pro hac vice.

During the past twenty five years, the firm has represented clients in complex commercial cases involving or adverse to: American Express; American Trans Air; AOL/Time Warner; The Backstreet Boys; Bank of America; Bank of New York Mellon; BMG Entertainment; BMW of North America; D&A Building Services, Inc.; Emlak Bankasi; GE Capital Corporation; Gulf Oil Corp.; Hewlett Packard; The Kirchman Corporation; Lions Gate Films; Marshall & Isley, ; Matchbox 20; Metavante; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; Montgomery Development Carolina Corp.; Mutual Indemnity; Natural; NHP Property Corp.; ‘N Sync; O’Town; Olympia & York; Precision Tune; Rock Properties, Inc.; Sprint; State Farm Insurance Company; Trans Continental Companies; Tri Star Pictures; Universal Studios; UNUM Life Insurance Company; WDL Airships; Wachovia Bank; Westgate Resorts; Westinghouse; Ziraat Bankasi; Zomba Recording Corporation.

The firm has represented clients in business transactional matters throughout Florida, the United States and around the world. Notably, the firm served as lead counsel in the merger and acquisition of a telecommunications company with a total purchase price in excess of $100,000,000.